2023 Gemeinde Köln, Germany

Pipes, Transducers, 8-channel sound performance (20 min)

Docu video by Hye Young Sin and Sebastian von der Heide

2020 commissioned for micro currents by ON - Neue Musik Köln

video of sound sculpture, stereo mix

sound and video by Jiyun Park, recorded in December 2020, Cologne


beneath your feet

Pipes, Transducers, Multichannel Performative Installation


Aleak is a project by installing pipes as sound objects and discover the spatial characteristic of the location. Pipes are presented as a path of sound which can penetrate physical boundary such as architectural construction, and activating multichannel system on them creates an imaginary connection in order to reinterpret space. It is implying an underground connection and throwing a question of meaning of bordered world by acoustic approaches with private/public noise, leaking, floating, voice and electronic sound. It is able to be performed and presented an installation as well.



- Feb. 2023  Konzert 'as you please', Gemeinde Köln

- Dec. 2020  micro currents, On Neue Musik Köln