Bronze (2018)

Sound Kinetic Installation


The sound-kinetic installation is constructed of bronze sheets which are vibrated by motors and they trigger auditory resonance, depends on a size of sheet, rhythms and power of motors. Configuration of those elements composes a piece for the installation, Bronze. It leads us to intuitive perception of audio-visual harmony which is inherent in materials. Especially in metallic material, it has a lot of potential to apply, because their physical status is solid, but it is still able to manipulate and reflect. That characteristics of the material creates sounds which are not naturally in our surroundings.


- Apr. 2019   EMAF, Osnabrück

- Nov. 2018   Museumsnacht, Cologne

- Nov. 2018   DOFF, Bonn

- July. 2018   KHM Rundgang, Cologne

- Mar. 2018   Erzählen in den Medien, Cologne