Co-Breathing (2023)

Sound Performance, Collective instrument, pipes


My breath becomes a piece of yours, your breath becomes a fragment of mine. This exchange involves dividing, occupying, and taking away, yet, it also signifies sharing, unifying, and flowing.

Paths resonate as we breathe together.


The instrument is designed to gather breath in a common resonant container and experiments with acoustic effects of air flow. Metal tubes are assembled and disassembled into individual pipe lines for their own path by performers, in order to improvise with breathing techniques. It is not about playing a specific tone or making a musical harmony, but about the interaction between performers through an intimate encounter: Co-Breathing. Each breath contains personal characteristics such as the shape of lips, speed, length and temperature, follows its own path and generates a different frequency. It flows into the common resonance chamber where all breaths are mingled and blended.


This project has been organized as a participatory workshop series and played together.

26.08.2023 presentation with 4 performers at GC De Rinck