Growling (2023)

Sound installation, Latex, 6-channel composition


Growling finds its origins in research into the communication systems of non-human species. The project focuses in particular on animals that possess unique biological characteristics for signal generation such as amphibians, birds, and fish, as well as plants. These entities communicate using a diverse range of signals, including sounds and movements, produced in various circumstances.

The sound composition relays signals through a series of transducers, embedded in a latex membrane, thereby creating a collective voice. Composed using both digital and analogue means, the sound patterns represent real forms of communication and imaginary signals.


Growling offers a perspective on the rich tapestry of non-human communication, stimulating contemplation on the interconnectedness of all living creatures and our shared means of expression.


This work has commissioned by 6 weeks residency program at Petrohradská kolektiv in Prague 2023 and showcased on 15.08 - 01.09 2023 at Jedna Dva Tri gallery as a part of ‘Eternal Maze’ exhibition with Plicknik Collective, curated by Edita straijtova.


Petrohradská kolektiv

photos by Adriana Vančová & František Svatoš / 14.08.2023 Opening at Jedna Dva Tri Gallery