An excerpt of recording, Noisy Hyperventilation (2020)


Elisa Kühnl & Jiyun Park


The artist duo, KrapHük is based on Cologne, Germany. Each one works with sound in their own way and start to work together since beginning of 2019.


*Elisa Kühnl

She is doing research on „finding astonishment in the familiar“ through performing her voice and her hands. Her focus is the usual, so rich of details and untouched habits.


- July. 2020  Stromspiesser concert, Essen

- April. 2020  mircor-currents Festival, ON Neuemusik, Cologne

- Feb. 2020  Mutantradio, Acephale, Colgone

- July. 2019  NeuLand Gartenfest, Cologne