An excerpt of recording, Noisy Hyperventilation (2020)

Noisy Hyperventilation

KrapHük (Elisa Kühnl & Jiyun Park)

Voice and Sound performance group


Control is a defining aspect in the work of Elisa Kühnl and Jiyun Park. Kühnl has designed her vocal practice to question the rules of normal use of the voice and thus to penetrate the spontaneous areas of sound and noise. The decision to deal with the weird and high- pitched moments of the voice is a controlled grip. Their interest is an interaction with function of a voice in human body and generating new relationship between space and performers by auditory perception.


Elisa Kühnl

She is doing research on „finding astonishment in the familiar“ through performing her voice and her hands. Her focus is the usual, so rich of details and untouched habits.



- July. 2021  Stromspiesser concert, Essen

- April. 2021  mircor-currents Festival, ON Neuemusik, Cologne

- Feb. 2021  Mutantradio, Acephale, Colgone

- July. 2019  NeuLand Gartenfest, Cologne


"it tastes like ashes, gratis kritik", 3. ausgabe, juni 2019

Text from Jonathan Omer Mizrahi