Self-Built Instrument (20min, 2017)

Sound Performance


This instrument is focused on sound performance with an experimental instrument which is composed of strings and metallic sound box, producing overtones, harmonics and feedback. It is capable to play with different sound colours and all of factors triggers each others sound. It is not a point to play a specific tone or to make a musical harmony, because the instrument is not able to perfectly control. Playing this Instrument is a challenge to your capacity, such as gestures and sonic phenomenon following sense and space. The artist composed a piece and use few repertoire partly, however, mostly it is interesting to find what kind of sound comes to nest in mesh. The Artist tried to get over typical aesthetics of classical music, such as using precise pitches, melodies, and read scores. Instead of that, her approach towards to discover unusual sound elements which are considered as mistake in traditional way. And play with them, for instance, strings without tuning, hitting a stuffs, unorganized pitch, also so-called clicker which happens unskilled.


It is musically composed of circulation of swerving sound and embrace internal and external sound in space. The coupling of acoustic and electronic resonances in a performable instrument that has an almost sculpture like quality is intriguing. The sounds range from complex and exquisite to banal and cliché, and therefore, keep the interest going.





- Oct. 2021    Anachronism, MS Stubnitz in Hamburg and Schwankhalle in Bremen

- June. 2020    Athens Digital Art Festival, Athen (online)

- May. 2020   Feminaler der Musik, ZKM Karlsruhe (online)

- June. 2019  NIME 2019, Porto Alegre

- Nov 2018   Folge der Ton #1, Linz

- Dec. 2017   Instrument make Play, Rotterdam

- Nov. 2017   Performancenacht, Wuppertal

- Nov 2017   Museumsnacht, Cologne

- July. 2017   KHM Rundgang, Cologne

- June. 2017   Bathycapth, Cologne

- June. 2017   Performance Garten, Cologne

- Jan. 2017   Arts Birthday, Cologne