The first version, Mülheimer Brücke, 2018

The second version, at a Cafe, 2018

Transcending space - series

Sound Performance in public - Live Streaming


This series projects started to make a gap between perception of surroundings and perception of sound from different locations perceptible in real time in order to distort the perception of reality. Practical experiments can be sorted in two ways, one is focused on transcending sound sources of spaces in real time and the other one is focused on transcending time by mixing past and present; 'spatialization' of time and the 'temporalization' of space. Space and time can only be determined one from the other. Although events and objects exist in time, time cannot be perceived without resorting to space. A line traced by hand maps out space. A line traced by hand is made as a succession of points, which is a manifestation of the passage of time.


They are derived from the same concept of transcending time and space, where time differences are developed and integrated along with the characteristics of spatial structures, that become a framework for repetition and circulation.


The first version was shown under the Müheimer Brücke. There were people at a listening station on one side of a bridge and from the other side of the river sound was streamed live to the loudspeakers on the other side. Because of the distinct noise from the trams that travel over the Müheimer Brücke, the audience experienced the tram sound directly in their surroundings and later once again from the streaming sound coming from the speakers. From the point of the sound source on the other side of the river it was also possible to hear this process but in re-verse.

Additionally, the locations of streaming and listening were

visible to both sides, so we could see each other

in order to be aware and certain that the

streaming sound was live.







The second version was located indoors between floors with stairs. There was a speaker downstairs and a microphone for streaming upstairs. The audience went up and down the stairs and their footsteps were played-back through the speaker with a short time delay. The time delay is caused by the internet connection needed for live streaming, it was a necessary function but it was not able to control the length of the latency. The audience were listening

again to their own footsteps. The more it

was repeated, the more sound piled up with

rhythms and it caused acoustic feedback.

The audience who went up and down the

stairs became involved in an invisible

feedback circle.







The third version was presented at outdoor plaza. I developed a technical system using wireless microphones, with the capacity to control delay time, to a maximum of fourtyone seconds, instead of an unstable length of delay time depending on the condition of internet connection. Therefore, the length of delay time is not an unpredictable variable anymore and it expands a possibility to use intervals of time difference. Two wireless microphones are held randomly by participants, one stayed around the stage and the other one walked around the plaza independently.

I improvised with these sources from the microphones.

The audience were listening to the surroundings and

also the repetition of delayed sound again and

again. It was possible to focus on capturing

sources in the plaza and make the interaction

between sound source and audience as a form

of participatory sound performance.






- June. 2021  Radio Angrezi, Domshof, Bremen

- Nov. 2018  Cafe, Leuven

- July. 2018  Mülheimer Brücke, Cologne