Transcending space (2018)

Sound Performance in public - Live Streaming


Following my previous works, discovering sounds which is hidden around us, and working with them becomes valuable to me. I am dealing with sound as my subject, especially building my own instruments and doing performances, solo and group too. Improvisation was big issue in my work. Once the performance starts, the time is own, cannot stop. Therefore, It includes not only sound but also the space, positioning and audience.

‚Don‘t command obedience : Welcome to intruder‘ - Frederic Rzewski-

It expands to a concept of a next work that is doing outdoor for mingling sounds with a site.

As I did feedback sound Improvisation work that you cannot know which kind of frequency may come next, I want to keep this fun : Uncertainty. Live sound streaming in different locations, which is unknown, what is going on. And Listening all of them at the same time would be an experiment to transcending space, time and also existence. Developing Internet, live streaming is getting to be popular and common media to experience other worlds. A boundary of reality, which is believed by human sense, will be ambiguous. It is possible to feel (hear), even though you are not there. It makes jumps over a huge fence of space.



- July. 2018  Video Documentation, KHM, Cologne

- July. 2018  Mülheimer Brücke, Cologne